Free software that gives you the possibility to:
program, read and store data from Blulog data loggers.

With bluNFC you can read measurements data from all Blulog NFC and NFC/RF loggers.
Create you own profiles, program many loggers with the same settings, read and view the data locally. With bluNFC you can also transfer data to bluconsole, download PDF or CSV reports and generate certificates.

Changes on v14.15.2
  • Improved application performance and stability.
  • Added compatibility with PT100/PT1000 devices
  • Added information about logistics data to generated detail reports
Changes on v14.12.2
  • Fixed logistical label data
  • Add option for assign localization during logger scanning
Changes on v14.10.2
  • Change JRE to completely free LIBERICA JDK 8 realese.
  • Change NFC reader engine.
  • Added new data exports feature *.XLSX extension.
  • Add possibility to permanently disable feature of „automatically reading logger version before programming”.
  • Added tooltip to menu bar when it is disable.
  • Added menu item to allow opens export directory.

All rights reserved by Blulog. Republishing this software is allowed afer contact with Blulog Sp. z o.o.

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